Eduardo Verastegui: Ricky Martin’s Lover? (Photos)

April 22, 2010
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Meet Eduardo Verastegui, Ricky Martin’s lover? Former lover, according to reports. Get the details, along with photos and video here!

Eduardo Verastegui

Ricky Martin has come out of the closet, and now so is a list of his former lovers. One of which is male model, Eduardo Verastegui.

Perez Hilton reports, of course from a Spanish tabloid TV y Novelas, that Eduardo and Ricky allegedly dated back when Ricky was Livin’ La Vida Loca. The only issue: Eduardo is well known as a spokes model for the anti-gay marriage bill Prop 8 in California. Ouch!

Verastegui filmed the Spanish-language commercials promoting Prop 8, targeting the Hispanic voters in California.

Aside from this scandal, here is some biographical information on Eduardo. He was born on May 21, 1974 making his age 35. He is of Mexican descent, and is a bit of a triple threat. He is known for singing, acting, and modeling. He is best known for his role in boyband, Kairo, and as an actor in Mexican telenovelas. Though he is not too well known in the United States, he did make it to the 50 “hottest” Hispanics by People en Español magazine. I find it strange that I couldn’t find any information on girlfriends, past or present…

I have posted a video of people knocking his Prop 8 commercial below, along with some pictures. Seems like this guy is taking a lot of heat now. Oh, and another political fact – he was a John McCain supporter. That is also not sitting well with people.

So readers what do you think? Do you believe this story? The picture on TV y Novelas looks like Ricky and Eduardo were indeed close, but is it enough to imply a relationship? Was Eduardo Verastegui, Ricky Martin’s lover? Please check out the video and pictures I have posted below and leave me your comments!

Eduardo VerasteguiEduardo Verastegui 1Eduardo Verastegui 2Eduardo Verastegui 3



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9 Responses to “Eduardo Verastegui: Ricky Martin’s Lover? (Photos)”

  1. 1
    newborn Says:

    ever since ricky martin joined menudo he was surrounded by wrong people. his current assistant jose vega (who is known gay) and formal menudo manager (who has abused his own sons and was later killed by them) have abused ricky and made him gay.

  2. 2
    Laura Says:

    newborn, unless you have evidence to back up your outrageous claim, then don’t even bother posting. Your trolling is not appreciated here.

  3. 3
    newborn Says:

    it is always easy to ridicule people like ricky or eduardo. no one knows the real drama behind. eduardo had a chance to save himself from that kind of business and manipulation. ricky had less chance to do so. he was enough traumatized and mistreated by everyone for being in closet. i was reading his interviews in 2004/2005 where he reported about his struggles and the way he was taken to sex parties in argentina and later in new york when he left menudo.

  4. 4
    newborn Says:

    maybe you’ll understand now why is he such a devoted humanitarian and is fighting with his foundation against child abuse and human and child trafficking

  5. 5
    mymarie Says:

    Eduardo Verastegui personal life is none of my business. All I know is he his doing great work, he believes the unborn have rights and he is openly vocal about his point of view. As far as his involvement with Ricky Martin, that was decades ago. He admits to having some regrets about his past (what regrets, I don’t know) and that he has embraced his religious beliefs and is more devout. Not unlike Ricky Martin, Eduardo has decided to take a different path then the one he traveled in his youth. We should be tolerant of both these men, these decisions cannot be easy to make.

  6. 6
    jimmy johnson Says:

    great im glad to know more people are coming forth and not hiding in closets anymore, i think ricky martin is exquisite.

  7. 7
    skylar Says:

    i think im related to him

  8. 8
    Yaling Says:

    The difference between Ricky Martin & Eduaro is that Ricky Martin DEGRADES WOMEN! by using them just for birthing purposes…Kinda like how GAY MEN HATE ON PRETTY WOMEN! and Eduardo Verastegui RESPECTS WOMEN & SHOWS THOSE WHO DON’T HOW TO VALUE THEIR BODIES!!! DON’T HATE GAY NATION!!!

  9. 9
    jaci Says:

    I do not believe Eduardo and Ricky were ever lovers. It is a disgrace to trash someone’s reputation without hard core evidence. Eduardo has admitted regrets to his past, as a womanizer, not a homosexual.