Christopher Jarecki: Alicia Silverstone’s husband

April 26, 2010
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Christopher Jarecki is Alicia Silverstone’s husband and according to recent news, his beautiful wife can’t wait to get pregnant with his baby! Keep reading to find out more, see photos and video… Go!

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Christopher Jarecki’s wife, Alicia Silverstone revealed she is ready to get pregnant. She has been married to the musician since 2005 and is desperate to be a mum. The ‘Clueless’ actress is playing a pregnancy role in Broadway’s ‘Time Stands Still’ where she is wearing a pregnancy suit. It’s lovely news, don’t you think? But how do you know about him? Let me tell you a little bit about Chris.

As a biography, there is not so much information about Alicia Silverstone’s husband. Christopher Jarecki or Christiane J… He said once he doesn’t know his real age but thinks he is thirtysomething (I think he is fortysomething). He married the beautiful blond actress at a private place in Lake Tahoe, in 2005, after dating for eight years.

Christopher is the frontman of the hook-driven dance punk band, ‘The Bathroom Murders’. The musician was the former lead singer of bands ‘Underdogs’ and S.T.U.N and worked with another group called ‘Little Wolverines’. As a musician and singer, he toured with bands like the Used, Jane’s Addiction, Marilyn Manson and Warped Tour. Alicia Silverstone’s husband has worked as an actor as well, he played a boy in the 1999 film ‘Me and Will’. Nowadays, he hosts his own radio show called, A Musical Journey, through GTFU radio.

Jarecki is a dedicated vegan, loves music, sports and animals. During his free time, works as a coach of youth basketball teams. He advocates for animals rights and the planet, lives in Los Angeles with wife Alicia and three rescue dogs.

See pictures of Jarecki and his wife Alicia Silverstone below and a couple of videos of him performing with bands S.T.U.N and ‘The Bathroom Murders’.

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Photos: Judy Cortes / Adriana M. Barraza / Nikki Nelson / Apega /


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