Rocio Sanchez Azuara: Mexican TV Presenter (Photos)

June 1, 2010
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Rocio Sanchez Azuara, a television host based in Miami was rumored to be dead this week. Thankfully, it turns out that the rumors were false. Learn more about her and see photos (fotos) and video below.

Rocio Sanchez Azuara

It looks like those horrible fake death rumors aren’t limited to the English-speaking world! It was rumored today on Twitter and Facebook that the popular Mexican born talk show host died of a heart attack early this week. Not very long after the rumors started, People en Espanol cleared things up for us.

It was a little bit scary to read headlines such as ‘Rocío Sánchez Azuara había fallecido el día de hoy a causa de un infarto al corazón,’ which basically means that she died today of a heart attack. Again, they were only rumors, and it has been confirmed that she is still here in the physical realm.

Unfortunately, some reliable news outlets appeared to completely fall for the hoax. A well-known radio personality named Maxine Woodside apparently reported the death via her radio show on Radio Fórmula 103.3. Meanwhile other on-air personalities were quick to strike down the false rumor, including Rocio’s friend and co-worker Ana María Alvarado, who said she had recently spoke to her and that all was well.

For those of you that are not familiar with her, I’ll give you a quick biography:

She started her career in the 1990s on the show ‘Ciudad Desnuda’ alongside Eduardo Blancas. She worked her way up to a show called ‘Cosas de la vida’ and eventually landed her very own show called ‘Rocio.’

What could have started out as a very tragic day has ended with good news. The popular Hispanic television host is not dead after all.

Check out some photos (fotos) and video related to Rocio Sanchez Azuara below.

Rocio Sanchez AzuaraRocio Sanchez AzuaraRocio Sanchez AzuaraRocio Sanchez AzuaraRocio Sanchez Azuara

Pictures: PR Photos


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