Aimee Osbourne: Sharon, Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter (Photos)

June 7, 2010
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Aimee Osbourne is Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter. The oldest daughter of the famous couple has decided not to be part of their public life. Keep reading to find out more, see photos of Aimee and videos.

Aimee Osbourne

As a biography, Aimee Osbourne was born as Aimee Rachel Osbourne in London, England on September 2, 1983. Her age is 26. She is the mystery daughter of Sharon and Ozzy and is the older sister of Jack and Kelly Osbourne and also has other three half-siblings: Elliot, Jessica and Louis – from her Dad’s first marriage. Ozzy’s got a song about her called, Aimee. Even though her parents are really famous with a public life thanks to their reality t.v show, she didn’t want be part of their MTV program.

As she didn’t have interest in appearing on the reality show, the cameras stopped shooting when she was around in the house. But she has appeared in several interviews on her family a couple of time. In 2002, Aimee talked to 20/20 along with her family on her mother Sharon when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. The next year, in 2003, The Osbournes hosted the 30th Annual Music Awards and she appeared there as a presenter. This same year she debuted in the MTV film ‘Wuthering Heights’. In 2005, she was treated for a breast cancer scare, and received more treatment after a lump was removed from her breast. This same year she was part of The Osbourne’s autobiography and announced she was launching a singing career.

In 2006, Aimee appeared in A&E’s Biography on Ozzy Osbourne, and on the Piers Morgan show Life Stories about the life of her mother Sharon in 2009.

Aimee Osbourne has attended some fashion shows as the “Mercedes-Benz Does L.A Fashion Week” and magazine layouts, as Joey and T division. Nowadays, Aimee is working as a columnist for Nylon magazine.

See pictures of Aimee Osbourne below, plus, a video.

Aimee Osbourne picsAimee Osbourne photosAimee OsbourneAimee Osbourne pictures

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One Response to “Aimee Osbourne: Sharon, Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter (Photos)”

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    scott s. Says:

    i think aimee is very bright and very smart, i understand why she did not want to be part of the t.v. show but she is part of the family and it would be nice if the public knew more about her, to me she seems like an outcast and does not want to be known as part of the family with her dad,s reputation and his history, she just seems to be happy with the way she is and isn,t that what we all want in life , peace and contentmint, all the power to her, she deserves it.