Israeli Soldiers Dance: West Bank Shuffle Video

July 6, 2010
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The Israeli soldiers dance called the ‘West Bank Shuffle’ has become a viral video this week after the hilarious clip popped up on Youtube. See the video here, and get the story below.

Israeli Soldiers Dance

It seems one of the best ways to keep morale up in a combat brigade may be to break out dancing. Earlier this year, a riotous video gone viral showed US Soldiers performing in a well-planned music video set to Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone.’ Complete with clever editing and choreography, the clip spread across the web like fire.

Now another humorous clip is circulating the web, but the major difference this time is that it wasn’t shot in the safety of barracks, or even on a military base / installation. No, this one was shot during an active patrol in Hebron.

The Israeli soldiers dance video is being called the ‘West Bank Shuffle,’ and actually caused minor controversy when it first appeared online. Multiple reports stated that the troops could face disciplinary action for their antics. It turns out Israeli military officials have since taken a lighter stance on the issue, calling it a mere harmless ‘stunt.’

The dance routine itself leaves much to be desired, and is far more amateur than the hilarity of the US Troops in the ‘Telephone’ video. It features six soldiers, entering a narrow alleyway. They enter a three by two formation, then they are given the signal to crouch down. Once they are given the all-clear, they stand up and begin the routine.

It starts off like a poor-man’s Macarena. It then breaks into a coordinated ‘shuffle’ back and forth. The men then jump in unison until they are all facing front and center once again. That’s when the ‘chicken-dance’ kicks in, followed by a little patty-cake. Finally, all six men skip off together as if they were on the ‘Yellow-Brick Road.’

Check out the Israeli soldiers dance video below. What are your thoughts? I’ve also included the far superior clip of the US Troops dancing to ‘Telephone.’

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