Olivia O’Neil: Miss Teen Wanganui decrowned after dyeing hair brown

August 12, 2010
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Olivia O’Neil, Miss Teen Wanganui was decrowned after dyeing hair brown? Yeap, as you read, the 15 year-old beauty was blond when won the title, she dyed her hair brown and lost it. Keep reading to find out more, see photos and video.

Olivia O’Neil won the title of Miss Teen Wanganui, but she lost it after she dyed her hair brown. When she won the pageant she was blond, well, the new look wasn’t accepted by the pageant organizers and the teen was decrowned.

According to report, when the Miss Wanganui new brown hair pics surfaced in Facebook, pageant organizer Barbara Osbourne wrote her if she was wearing a wig, “ I hope it is, don’t give me a heart failure.” She said. Olivia admitted that she dyed her blond hair dark, and also added “that if she wasn’t allowed to dye her hair, then maybe pageant life wasn’t for her”… and that was the time when she lost her crown.

The pageant organizer replied “Well you better decide, miss. Hand over your crown with an attitude like that. I’m sure someone will step into your place with manners,” said Osborne, adding that O’Neil “would not go far in this world.”

The 15 year-old decrowned Miss Teen Wanganui told the Herald that it’s not ok to tell a 15 year-old that they aren’t going to go very far in life because it’s hurtful. The teen also said that Osbourne was always really harsh on the girls during the pageant.

A spokesman from Miss Teen Wanganui, Jevan Goulter confirmed the news to The NZHerald, Olivia O’Neail was decrowned because she dyed her hair brown. According to him, she must maintain the image she had when she won the beauty pageant. And also said Miss O’Neal is overreacting when she talks about harsh treatment behind the scenes.

However, in other statements Jevan Goulter said that Olivia wasn’t decrowned, she gave it back. He claims she was decrowned because her attitude not hair color.

“I would like to make very clear that Olivia never had her crown taken off–she gave it back. The organization never removed it from her.” Goulter continued, “It was never about her changing her hair color. It was about the attitude and the communication breakdown.”

Well, it seems there is a lot of drama, huh? What Do you think, it’s fair to remove a title just for hair? Leave your comments but before see a couple of videos of Olivia O’Neil as Miss Teen Wanganui with photos of her new brown hair.

VIDEO: Olivia O’Neil, MIss Teen Wanganui decrowned – Before and after she dyed her hair brown

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2 Responses to “Olivia O’Neil: Miss Teen Wanganui decrowned after dyeing hair brown”

  1. 1
    azu Says:

    Mmm… she looks better as a blonde… dark hair doesn’t suit her at all… IMO, of course

  2. 2
    zuma Says:

    She looks beautiful with this style.