Allison Micheletti (PHOTOS): Martin Kaymer’s Girlfriend

August 16, 2010
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Allison Micheletti photos are in high demand this week. Martin Kaymer’s girlfriend was seen supporting him during his PGA Championship victory, and now the web is ablaze as people hunt down the video. See it here, and get the details below.

I’m beginning to think that sports fans have more interest in the young ladies who stand on the sidelines to support the athletes than the actual players themselves. The concept was definitely prevalent during the World Cup, and it is apparently also the case with Martin Kaymer, whose girlfriend was on hand to celebrate his victory at the 92nd PGA Championship in Wisconsin this weekend.

For her sake, let’s hope all of the comparisons to Tiger Woods end on the golf course for her boyfriend, who has shown incredible skill at the championship level over the last few years. The Tiger analogies usually come from his ability to make clutch shots, and to miraculously dig his way out of trouble.

Sunday was no exception, as Kaymer found himself playing catch up following a few horrible putts. An amazing Tiger-like shot propelled him back into the competition at the 72nd hole. He would later stand victorious, with the PGA trophy in one hand, with his girlfriend Allison Micheletti (photos below) by his side.

Not much is currently known about his supportive lady friend. One thing we do know is that she and her golfer BF are apparently pretty serious. Oh, and she doesn’t appear to have any trouble supporting the weight of his massive trophy either (wow, that came out dirtier than I anticipated).

Either way, as more information about her becomes available, we’ll be sure to post it. Until then, you can enjoy some photos and video related to Allison Micheletti below. What are your thoughts?


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One Response to “Allison Micheletti (PHOTOS): Martin Kaymer’s Girlfriend”

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    Miva Says:

    Lovely Girl, so happy for both of them, they make a great, hot couple.