Bagel Head Saline Injection

July 3, 2009
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Bagel Head saline injection, ummmm ok. This is not referring to people who love bagels – not this term refers to the design one makes on the face with saline solution. Read more here.

Bagel Head saline injections are all the rage over in Japan apparently. This extreme beauty trend allows one to inflate their arms, and face, and other nameless assets – hence the name bagel head. Bagel heads are injected by a professional piercer who uses a saline solution drip. This causes inflammation and swelling, and allows the area to be molded. You can even color your bagel head with food coloring.

Check out pictures here.This body modification only lasts 24 hours, so it is much less permanent than a tattoo or piercing. However side effects include: headache, infection, skin stretching, and pressure sensation.

The bagel head trend was popularized by performance artist Jerome Abramovitch back in 2001, now the trend is also big in Osaka and Tokyo.

I cannot imaging thinking of a bagel head as a beauty trend, but to each his own I guess. What do you think of these Bagel Head saline injections?

Saline Injection Video


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2 Responses to “Bagel Head Saline Injection”

  1. 1
    Danita Says:

    I think the world has lost it’s mind…..What the H#$L is the reasoning behind this….this….I’m not even sure what to call it.

  2. 2
    paulette Says:

    and self injected to boot!!! wow! cant say i havn’t ever seen a more stupid thing ie: eyeball tats but this is up there!!!