Man Buried In Pontiac Catalina With Guns!

September 9, 2009
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Forget a coffin, the man buried Pontiac Catalina style will be cruising through heaven. The man spoke for years about being buried in his ’73 Pontiac Catalina.

classic car

We cover many fashion and style related items here, and this one couldn’t be passed up. Lonnie Holloway was slick. He would get his hair cleaned up twice a week, and cruised around in a classic car, with white-walled tires. He even had a custom tag that simply read “Lonnie.” I wonder if they set him up with his right arm over the back of the passenger seat, leaning off to the side.

He also appreciated his second amendment right to bear arms—he’s going to be interred with all of his guns in the trunk. So he wasn’t just a smooth character, he was also responsible. Friends say he wanted the guns to be placed in the earth with him so that they wouldn’t end up in the wrong hands.

The Saluda, Texas man passed away last week at 90 years old. With the help of a crane, he and his spotless car were lowered into the ground at Rock Hill Baptist Church as friends and family looked on. You can hear his friends commenting on his style in the video below.

It makes me think, should I use my 1983 Honda Civic hatchback as a coffin? One of the quarter panels is a different color, and I keep my hood tied down with a bungee cable, but it gets me to point B. I’m not sure I could even lay down all the way in the back seat, and it just doesn’t seem as cool as this guy’s candy green American classic. I’ve got some time to think about it, so we’ll see.

What do you think, is this going to start a new trend? Or was the man a little wacky to be buried in his Pontiac Catalina? Give us your thoughts below.

Check out a photo of the car here.

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5 Responses to “Man Buried In Pontiac Catalina With Guns!”

  1. 1
    Francis Says:

    He isn’t the first person to be buried with his vehicle. I know I am not old enough to remember but wasn’t there an actor or two or some excentric person who was burried with their vehicle in the 50’s or 60’s?

  2. 2
    Derrick Says:

    Though I know this seems Texas enough, he was from Saluda, South Carolina.

  3. 3
    llazyme Says:

    It might be cheaper for me to buy 2 plots and be buried in my 94 Civic Hatchback. It’d beat the price of a new coffin.

  4. 4
    B Man Says:

    Unless he’sprotected like Lincoln and Ghandi with feet of concrete around their respective internment containers, his gun collection will prove too much from some low lifes to ignore.

  5. 5
    Denar Says:

    on the day of judgement for him all his possessions will be hung around his neck, not just his car & his guns