Foot Model Christina Ambers: Forbidden Wedding Fetish!

November 22, 2009
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Meet Christina Ambers the foot model in New York City who has quite a story. See her photos, biography and our special foot fetish video here, and tell us what you think of her sad case.

Foot Model Christina Ambers
Photo: Christina Ambers

She is a foot model who had the conceited gall to marry the lowly doorman named Angel Rotger in her local coop apartment for artists. The wedding fetish resulted in the other tenants voting them out of the coop.

As a biography Christina Ambers is a leg and foot model. She has lived in her coop apartment at 340 East 74th Street, New York since 2003. The cost of the apartment is cheap, cheap, cheap, as most coops are subsidized by a common rental agreement. She paid only $1,000 per month.

Her husband Angel Rotger the doorman of the apartment building is hispanic. They have sued the coop for discrimination for giving the forbidden couple the boot. He supposedly lost his job when the forbidden romance became public knowledge.

The details of her modeling biography are the stuff that only a famous foot model could be made of. Christina Ambers is 5’9″ tall with a 7 glove size and 5 ring size. You heard it here first. Her hair is gorgeous brown and eyes brown too. Her measurement are 34B-24-34 while her shoe size is 8.

As a foot and hand model she has been seen in fashion magazines and commercials in every home in the world. Her product portfolio includes Maybelline and Neutrogena among many others. She has been the Heidi Klum of foot models. Do not miss her discussion of toe fungus. Woohoo!

See more photos of Christina Ambers below and tell us what you think of our favorite foot model below.

Christina AmbersFoot Model Christina Ambersfoot model
Christina Ambers Pictures (enlarge)

Foot Model (Video)

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3 Responses to “Foot Model Christina Ambers: Forbidden Wedding Fetish!”

  1. 1
    Mervin Says:

    Nice hockey box.
    Can you blame the door man?
    Everyday he went home and dreamed of her.
    Now he has her.

  2. 2
    Resident Says:

    Obviously this is only one side of the story, the side of the story that isn’t true at all. We have a complete right to want her out of the building. We don’t want police in front of the building every time they get into an abusive fight. Not that right neighborhood for that.

  3. 3
    Christina Says:

    Hi, this is Christina Ambers- really. First of all, let’s clear up some things. In the article, the author reported that I pay $1,000/month. THIS IS ONLY MAINTENANCE FEES THAT ARE IN ADDITION TO THE MORTGAGE, so it’s NOT “cheap, cheap, cheap”. Also, this girl in this video is NOT me. Take a good look at my head shot above the article (photo credit is Karen Schuld)- stripping girl clearly not me. Now, in response to “Resident”‘s comment, who is probably a member of the board- most likely Finer, Fahy, or Morbelli, or perhaps the very snobby Judy Mirrell on the 2nd floor- the police are NOT called because my husband and I fight. They are called by the night doorman David Martin, who lied to the police and under oath about a very drunk Kristin Purcell, the super’s wife, assaulting my husband. David Martin likes to call 911 every time he sees my husband and I and claims false accusations, so I’ve heard under insruction of the board. Initially he was getting away with this because he has 5 brothers that are cops. After the media storm, certain officers of the 19th pct. have expressed to my husband and I that they are becoming doubtful of his allegations. FYI- you should look into his criminal record. When we were friendly he told us he “got into a great deal of trouble about 10 years ago”. Here’s more- keep an eye on that new super Martin Purcell- big time alcoholic who got kicked out of the Banshee Pub on 8/31/09. Take a look at the state he comes home in and smell his breath…as they say “that which is in darkness will come to light”. Also, let’s set the record straight- I loved that building and that apartment, otherwise I would not have invested in it. I attended shareholders meetings, knew the names of and petted all the dogs in the building when I saw them, and even volunteered to be on the decorating committee, which never really materialized. Remember the plants with the red bows that were on the lobby desk during the holidays?- they came from me. This alleged “objectionable behavior” that my husband and I are accused of is nothing but elitism- may I quote you: “not in this neighborhood”.