Angelina Jolie Johnny Depp steamy sex scene ‘The Tourist’

November 29, 2009
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Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp will make a steamy sex scene in upcoming film ‘The Tourist’. Life&Style claims they have obtained a script draft of writer Julian Fellowes’ screenplay and it mentions the super HOT sex scene between Jolie and Depp. Read more on the steamy sex scene, see photos and video here!!

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Would you imagine a sex scene between Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp? Gosh!! HOT! HOT! Johnny Depp is The Sexiest Man Alive… ever!! He’s so sexy. And Angelina Jolie is the sexiest Woman of the World…

According to Life&Style the draft of Julian Fellowes’ screenplay mentions a steamy shower scene between agent Cara Mason (Angelina Jolie) and American Tourist Frank Taylor (Johnny Depp). So, a shower, wet bodies and the two of the sexiest actors of the world…

According to the script draft of the film, the American tourist Frank Taylor will approach the agent Cara Mason when she is naked in the shower and after some steamy movements, they exchange a long, passionate kiss.

“Walking in, he lifts Cara against the glass, clutching at her slithery body, kissing her frantically. She kisses him back with ardour, wrapping her dripping legs around his back,” so read the script.

Cara later turns abruptly to Frank and presses her body against his. The script then continues, “He’s taken by surprise but willingly responds to her advance, wrapping his arms around her back. They exchange a long, passionate kiss.”

Early this month Variety reported that Johnny Depp was in talks to star opposite Angelina Jolie in ’The Tourist’ (as the American Tourist Fran Taylor) after Sam Worthington left the project due to creative differences. Last month Angelina Jolie replaced Charlize Theron after she dropped out of the spy thriller.

The Tourist – remake of the 2005 French Thriller Anthony Zimmer – centers on an American tourist who, on behalf of Interpol, goes undercover to entrap a former lover who’s a suspected global criminal.

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