Mandisa Hundley’s Weight Loss Tops 100 Lbs! (Photos)

February 16, 2010
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Mandisa Hundley’s weight loss is an inspiration for those who struggle with obesity. The former American Idol contestant recently went on a personal journey to get healthy. Learn more about her here.


You may remember her from the 5th season of American Idol, where her soulful singing caught the attention of the judges. Sadly, that isn’t the only thing that raised eyebrows.

Simon, who isn’t known for holding his tongue, managed to work in a rude comment during her audition, implying that they would need a ‘bigger stage’ if she were to continue on in the competition. Her humiliation was revisited when Idol used the same clip in their ‘Rewind’ series last year.

But none of that has thwarted her efforts to live a healthier lifestyle. Recently, she was catapulted back in the news after she appeared at a fashion show this month sans 100 extra pounds! Now we see who got the last laugh!

Check out Mandisa Hundley’s weight loss photos here – TMZ

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…anyway, back to the story. I have to give it up to someone who is willing to put their pride aside, and do what’s right for their personal well-being. I truly hope that the next time we hear from Mandisa she looks even better!

What did you think about Mandisa Hundley’s weight loss photos? Check out her original Idol audition video below.

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