Chandi Yawn-Nelson is Joey Lawrence’s wife

March 5, 2010
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Chandi Yawn-Nelson is Joey Lawrence’s wife. The lovely couple became parents for a second time on Thursday. Find out more!

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Joey Lawrence’s wife Chandi Yawn-Nelson gave birth their second baby daughter on Thursday March, 4, reports People. The baby girl named Liberty Grace Lawrence weighed 6 lbs., 8 oz. The proud Dad told the press they are “extremely happy. The baby is beautiful and healthy.”

Both parents are over the moon, almost a week before the birth of their second daughter, Chandi was diagnosed with Rh disease, a rare affliction that could cause Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn (HDN). In fact, the birth was a total surprise. The baby was born a month early the expected due date (April 3). Lawrence and Yawn-Nelson has a 3 year old daughter, Charleston ‘Charli’ Lawrence – born on May 10, 2006 who is so happy with her new younger sister.

When the former ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant knew his wife Chandi Yawn-Nelson was pregnant for a second time, he broke the news: they were expecting a second baby daughter and also revealed they already had a name picked out for the baby girl. ‘Liberty Grace’ was the name the couple chose for her second daughter, this name is special and holds an important meaning for the former ‘Blossom’ star. He explained ‘Liberty’ is something he has always loved. The second name, ‘Grace’ is in honor of his granny, who passed away last year.

On being father of two daughters, Joey said he feels happy and proud, his best friend called him Estrogen Man after he told him the news.

“I am Estrogen Man,” laughs Joey. “I’m from a family of all boys, and when I told my best friend Dave that my wife and I were having a second girl, he said, ‘Look at you, my best buddy Estrogen Man!’”

The 34 year-old Gimme me a Break! actor and his wife Chandi Yawn-Nelson married on July 3, 2005 in Disney World, the same place where they met when they were youngsters. Congratulations Joey and Chandi!

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