Tom Lippolis is JWOWW’s Boyfriend

March 10, 2010
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Meet JWOWW’s boyfriend, Tom Lippolis. In a recent interview, he talks on his girlfriend the Jersey Shore star, Jenni Farley and how they cope with the fame. Keep reading to find out more, see photos and video… Go!

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JWOWW’s boyfriend, Tom Lippolis talks with on his girlfriend, Jenni Farley and how their relationship got through all her Jersey Shores adventures. He admits that her kissing and, you know, touching around with DJ Pauly D annoyed him and they had a fight. And it’s funny because the show was filmed like six months ago, but when Jenny’s make-out scenes came up, they were already living together and he got so upset about it.

Farley’s manager also explained how they began dating, just a couple of days before she cut out to film the reality. It just happened, they fell for each other after some chit-chats. “We were totally not looking for each other and then we just found each other.”

Tom Lippolis said he and her girlfriend Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley never expected to be famous, they just didn’t become aware of the show pulled them to the stardom. They always are together, he is her manager, is taking care of all her business and is going to manage her clothing line when she’s filming the next show. The JWOWW’s boyfriend told the website they are a strong couple, they trust each other and his girlfriend has realized there are many people interested in being around her because she’s famous now, so she only trusts him.

“At this point if she was to get with anyone else she couldn’t trust
them because they would be with her for the wrong reasons and she understands that.”

So, It seems Tom and Jenni are a serious couple right now, he admits he has dreamed a future together, with some business and maybe, why not? An engagement.

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