Marla Maples: Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife

April 1, 2010
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Marla Maples split from her big-business hubby nearly 11 years ago, but Donald Trump’s ex-wife still manages to pop up in the news on occasion.

Marla Maples

Only a man as serious as Donald Trump would admit that his relationships often fail because women have trouble competing with his career. But in an interview with ABC a few years ago he conceded that it is difficult for them because he truly loves his work.

It seems like the only thing that could compete is his hair. I know, I know…it’s cliché to bring up The Donald’s hair, but I can’t resist. My leading theory is that it’s actually a rare lemur from Madagascar that he uses as a sort of daily good luck charm. Either way, I dig it.

Most people have heard of his first wife Ivana Zelničkova, primarily because of their two children together, Donald Jr, and Ivanka. But his lesser-known second wife is the subject of this write-up.

Marla Maples, married the tough talking deal maker back in 1993. Their six year relationship was highly publicized, and also resulted in a daughter named Tiffany.

Marla is 46-years-old, and appears to be skilled in a few different fields. She currently hosts a radio show that I assume airs in the morning, called ‘Awakening With Marla.’ On top of that daily gig, she has been known as a singer/songwriter, and even appeared on a show called ‘The Ex-Wives Club.’

This nature lover resides in Malibu, California, and spends a great deal of time at the beach. In an interview for Housing Watch, she gave her thoughts on moving to California:

“I think California and this area is a spiritual healing center. Coming from a big city like New York this was a place I could really heal and learn and really grow.”

It sounds like she prefers the laid back lifestyle that Cali has to offer.

Check out some recent photos of Marla Maples at the beach here.

Marla MaplesMarla MaplesMarla MaplesMarla MaplesMarla MaplesMarla Maples

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One Response to “Marla Maples: Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife”

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    Laura Says:

    Donald Trump has THREE kids with his first ex-wife Ivana — Don, Jr., Ivanka & Eric.